Mar 6, 2019

Haircuts to try in 2019

As we climb out of a brutal winter in early 2019 you might be asking yourself how to shake things up with your hair. It can be easy to settle into a pattern and get the same haircut over and over again because it feels comfortable and is part of your identity. If you are feeling adventurous we wanted to provide some ideas on new trendy haircuts that are starting to appear.

Jul 22, 2018

Formaldehyde Causes Cancer and is in Plastic Combs

A recent scandal has surfaced where the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has been aware of some time that the widely used chemical known as formaldehyde contributes to causing cancer. This was made evident when employees at the Environmental Protection Agency were so worried that a fancy desk that their former boss Scott Pruitt had ordered for his office might contain high levels of a known carcinogen that they arranged to set it up in a warehouse and let it air out for a week.

Dec 3, 2017

What happened to Metal Combs?

Combs are one of our oldest tools, used by humans across cultures and ages for decoration, detangling, and delousing. They derive from the most fundamental human tool of all—the hand.

Sep 5, 2017

Steeltooth Comb - Hair Styling Products

  This style guide will help you on your next purchase for hair styling products. There are many premium products out...

Jul 29, 2017

What type of fade should you get?

Not everyone grew up going to barbers, some people went where their parents forced them to go which is usually the lo...

Jul 27, 2017

Haircuts for Head Shape

It can be difficult to predict how a haircut will look on you when trying something new. This guide below will help y...

Jul 27, 2017

Guide to Style Men's Hair

At Steeltooth we are built around the idea that men should and do care about their hair. The comb was created to prov...
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