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the anti static stainless steel dresser comb with wide teeth by steeltooth

Is Steeltooth Right for you?

If your comb snags in your hair, then yes

The hair on each person's head is characterized by density, diameter, curl pattern, and porosity. To make things simple, your hair is thicker than normal if a comb snags or gets stuck mid stroke. Hair diameter has four labels in the order of thickness level: Fine, Medium, Thick, and Natural. Fine hair probably has no issues when using a standard plastic comb when doing hair with pomade or other products in it. Medium to Thick hair will experience a static build up and snagging in the middle of a brush or comb stroke when using a plastic comb. A Steeltooth Comb does not produce a static charge nor will it snag creating smooth strokes. This reduces the amount of time it takes to style your hair and removes any limitations you've had previously when it comes to hairstyles. Natural/Coarse hair is normally too thick for plastic combs to even work. People with natural hair usually have to use very coarse brushes with bristles on them, or combs with long metal rods on them. 

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Hair Guide

Use this guide to see where your hair falls into. Our combs work best on Medium thickness and Very Thick. In some cases they will work on coarse hair. Fine thickness can usually get by fine with plastic combs, however our combs are much cooler. 


We will create seasonal or relevant apparel based on trends happening. We like to feature graphics of heads with cool haircuts though.

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