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Plastic combs suck 

Steeltooth started because we are obsessed with hair. We view combs as tools for everyday living, and not fancy instruments of status. Men spend about five minutes per day on their hair and walk around with it all day long. Hair represents a lot for a man. Age, energy, style, beauty. It's a very important component to a man's image and we believe the tools to create this image must be in the hands of every single person. Doing your hair should be an experience every day, not just a task. Some Native American tribes believe hair acts as a connection to nature and perception of the natural and spiritual world.  We also believe this, and hair should be taken care of and preserved at all costs. 

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Top Reviews from Amazon

"I was thrilled to find this comb and thankful that someone finally came up with a durable, efficient, and stylish comb! For years I've complained about going through tons of those standard generic black plastic ones. Id buy one and it would inevitability end up bent, snapped in half or with the comb having random teeth broken off. I've even spent upwards of 50 bucks at a higher end department stores, purchasing their mens comb only to have it get caked over with hair products to the point where it was snagging my hair each morning. This comb does a great job at staying clean, combing smooth through my hair, it feels solid and best of all looks badass. I have to admit that I secretly love the sound of it being picked up of my sink counter as it will make the familiar metallic "schwiinng" sound! Steeltooth has earned a lifelong customer with me" - Keith 

"I have curly hair and have always used a brush because teeth combs usually yank my hair around like a crazed nympho.
So when I heard this comb powers through any type of hair with ease like I do a package of bacon I was skeptical.
To my surprise it worked beautifully. I ran my comb through dry, bed head hair without any entanglements.
Whats also nice is its profile and durability. I can easily fit this comb in my pocket and not worry about it snapping in half. A huge bonus cause im military and find myself both in a hat that messes up my hair and environments that often tear up my clothes." - Steve

"This is the best comb we have ever purchased. Not only is it great for styling hair for a guy but I was able to use it on my extremely thick, curly hair to help get the knots out. This product is made so well and you don't ever have to worry about breaking any of the teeth or it getting worn out. It's super easy to clean and the shipping was super fast!" -Erika

"I ordered this comb for my husband. Shipping was amazingly fast, and the comb is fantastic. It has a solid, sturdy feel, which is so much nicer than the many (many!) plastic combs we've been through. I don't normally use a comb on my thick curly hair, but I had to give the Steeltooth a try - it works! If you're looking for a sturdy, high quality comb, this is it." - Cheryl

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