Steeltooth Combs - About Us

Hello there, this is Nick Baker writing to you. I started Steeltooth because of an incident that occurred. I began to get into more premium hair products and was using a regular black plastic comb. It was pretty bad, so I decided to purchase one that I thought was better. I went to a large department store and saw Goody had a comb set with a range of products that had different teeth sizes and lengths. Looked like a good option, but it was just more of the same. My hair would get snagged and it would take me forever to get ready for work in the morning because I'd have to deal with my hair. I could not get a smooth stroke unless my hair was saturated with water, and when it's 10 degrees in Chicago, you can't really go outside with a wet head. I was forced to constantly keep my hair short because of this issue. I thought that if I had a comb that had teeth that were hard and smooth, it should solve the issue. I got my own comb created, used it for a few months, loved it, and now I share it with you! As of this writing, I haven't cut the top of my hair for the last six months because I can finally grow it out. If you don't believe me, ask my barber, Victor!


We are located in Oak Park, Illinois at 1311 N Harlem Avenue, Suite 1C.  


Me getting a haircut.