Steeltooth Combs - About Us

Steeltooth Combs - About Us

Hello there, this is Nick Baker writing to you. Steeltooth was born because of an incident that occurred. I began to get into more premium hair products and was using a regular black plastic comb. It lacked control and when my hair got to a certain length it would become unusable. I'd run it through my hair and it would generate a giant frizz ball in its trail. I went to a large department store and saw Goody had a comb set with a range of products that had different teeth sizes and lengths. It appeared to be a good option, but it was just more of the same disappointment. My hair would get snagged and it would take me forever to get ready for work in the morning because I'd have to deal with my hair. I could not get a smooth stroke unless my hair was saturated with water, and when it's 10 degrees in Chicago, you can't really go outside with a wet head. Not only that but when your hair is very wet you can't get volume out of it. I was forced to constantly keep my hair short because of this issue. I thought that if I had a comb that had teeth that were hard and smooth, it should solve the issue. I got my own comb created, used it for a few months, loved it, and now I share it with you! Now I'm able to grow my hair out if I want as an option. I usually keep it between 6-8 inches long. I used to keep it 4 inches long max. If you don't believe me, ask my barber, Victor!

We are located in Oak Park, Illinois which is just outside of Chicago.   


Nick Baker and Victor at Dapper Barbershop posing for a selfie.

 Somehow we were able to make it on stage at Barbercon NYC in 2018. No we made it there because our combs are awesome and the top barbers love using them! Below is Brian Basile, celebrity barber that cuts the hair of Conor Mcgregor, numerous WWE Superstars, NBA Stars and is the winner of Cedric the Entertainer's Barber Battle. His Barbershop is located in Glen Cove, New York and is called Strong Island Styles. Check out the Instagram and if you're looking for a top of the line barbershop in NYC this is where to go. Don't forget to pick up some Showbizz pomade on the way out after your cut. 


We got noticed by the folks at This is San Diego, and they aired a piece about us on CBS. 

This is San Diego cover art for steeltooth combs

 All this led to WWE Raw Superstar Curt Hawkins getting his hands on our comb and distributing them to the rest of the WWE Raw roster.