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Hello there, this is Nick Baker writing to you. Steeltooth was born out of necessity. I have undeniably thick and unforgiving hair. When I wake up it's an absolute mess most of the time and it's very difficult to get it the way I want. Well, it has been that way the majority of my life. I began to get into more premium hair products but was using a regular black plastic comb. It lacked control and when my hair got to a certain length it would become unusable. I'd run it through my hair and it would generate a giant frizz ball in its trail. I was at a loss because department stores at the time did not present any other options other than plastic. Going into a beauty supply store felt strange since I wasn't a beauty professional. Looking at the bent plastic teeth in my comb I realized my hair needs harder teeth, something that wouldn't bend. I thought smooth polished steel would be a great material. We eat with stainless steel forks and spoons right? I got my own comb created, used it for a few months, loved it, and now I share it with you! Now I'm able to do whatever I want with my hair and look forward to doing it every morning. Not only do I get a great style, but also a head massage from the polished teeth!

We are located in Oak Park, Illinois which is just outside of Chicago.   


For reference, the inventor of the modern "Unbreakable" rubber comb was Charles Goodyear. An individual that did not have thick hair.


Our combs are sturdy and hair professionals like using them. To make it on stage at Barbercon NYC is no joke especially when one of the top barbers in the world uses them. Below is Brian Basile, celebrity barber that cuts the hair of Conor Mcgregor, numerous WWE Superstars, NBA Stars and is the winner of Cedric the Entertainer's Barber Battle. His Barbershop is located in Glen Cove, New York and is called Strong Island Styles. Check out the Instagram and if you're looking for a top of the line barbershop in NYC this is where to go. 


We got noticed by the folks at This is San Diego, and they aired a piece about us on CBS. 

This is San Diego cover art for steeltooth combs

 All this led to WWE Raw Superstar Curt Hawkins getting his hands on our comb and distributing them to the rest of the WWE Raw roster.


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