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Limited Edition Shadow w/ Hemp Cordage

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A limited edition that is powder coated by a local Chicago company that provides an ultra durable and smooth finish. On top of that we hand wrap in hemp cordage and hand stamp the logo with a 3lb hammer.

We've all been there, you're getting ready to go to work, a party, out for the night, on a date, etc. You take your comb which is probably not long enough from end to end and probably has teeth that are too small. You take the first pass into your hair and the comb stops. Maybe it poked your scalp while you were at it. Then you run it in the same spot again, now its full of static. Ok, will take care of that spot later, will move on to another section of hair. 5 minutes go by and you're struggling, but your hair is now in a good spot. The back though, the back is kind of standing up. Alright lets do this, Apply some product, get the back down, when BAM, your wrist or hand hits the section of hair you just spent the previous 5 minutes getting perfect. Back to redoing that section, not a big deal, but it was perfect before. Now things are off again, not quite what they were. Screw it, I'm out of time, things look GOOD ENOUGH.

Lucky for you, destiny has brought you to this wonderful place where you can get a comb that will tame your hair and has an ergonomic design so you can style parts of your hair with precision and control without affecting other parts of your hair.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable materials that can be grown, and pound for pound one of the strongest materials. It grows very easily and is harvested quickly.

The perfect tool for anyone that has a flowing beard or thick head of hair.

  • Easily glides through thick hair while proving grip without snagging.
  • Lasts for life.
  • Sturdy teeth will not bend or break after years of use.
  • Can function as a beard comb. 
  • Handle provides precision to part hair.
  • Handle gives leverage to comb the back of your hair without disturbing other parts of your hair. Especially useful for high volume hairstyles.
  • Detangles stubborn hair.
  • Cordage handle provides additional comfort to the handle by adding a bevel to the edge along with a softer material. 
  • Dimensions: 8in x 1.5in x 1.5mm


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