We get that a stainless steel comb is a new concept, but it's actually an old concept that we have researched, tried, and decided to bring back. See our blog about that. You may have questions, and hopefully these can answer them. You can always email us at info@steeltoothcomb with other questions. 


  • Won't the teeth scratch my scalp?
    • Based on our research we understand that some companies that produce steel combs don't properly smooth out the bottom of the teeth which can lead to unpleasant scratching of the scalp. Our combs don't have this effect, the teeth are smoothed to ensure the feeling is like a head massage rather than a scratch. The best comparison would be to take your own hand and scratch your head lightly. It's quite the pleasant feeling.
  • A steel comb? Won't it rust in my bathroom?
    • Our combs are made with T304 stainless steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. If you want you could put your comb in the dishwasher to clean it. Some municipalities put chlorine in their tap water which is an enemy to stainless steel. Minor exposure will have no effect, but if the comb is sitting in a pool of water for days on end you may see some rust as the chlorine is corrosive to stainless steel.
  • Will a steel comb pull hair out of my head?
    • Your typical experience with a plastic comb means there are teeth on there that bend which caused your hair to snag on the teeth and get stuck, which then forced you to pull and then see your hair pulled out. A static charge was also built while the comb was running through your hair contributing to the problem. Steel combs have firm teeth which do not bend on thick hair. We have also designed the teeth to be a little wider than normal so hair can pass easily, all while providing enough grip to allow you to form your hair. Stainless steel combs are anti-static which means hair won't split or fray as the comb is brushed through the hair.


  • Return Policy
    • You have 30 days from delivery date to return your comb if you are not satisfied with it or its just not working for you. If you paid for free shipping, you will be required to cover the shipping cost back to us. If you paid for shipping on your purchase, we will refund your shipping.
  • Shipping Policy
    • Steeltooth offers free shipping on all of its combs after a $32 dollar threshold within the United States. If you select free shipping please allow 3-5 business days to receive your package depending on where you are in the country. If you order something on a Friday night or weekend, you may not receive your comb until the following Friday. 
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