Steeltooth produces combs made of T304 stainless steel. Stainless steel has properties that make it completely anti-static.  Static generated by your average comb has a devastating effect on your hair. Split ends, stressed scalp, dryness, lifted cuticle and annoying fly-aways that are stubborn which make you comb your hair over and over again stripping your scalp of healthy oils. There are many references you can find, but we will provide a thorough video you can watch to really hit the point home here and you can watch a plastic comb generating static here. We make sure the bottoms of the teeth are dull and smooth to gently glide through your hair and massage the scalp. Combs that are too smooth make it difficult to achieve volume for popular hairstyles like pompadours. We went through several iterations to make sure we got the balanced amount of grip and smoothness to create one of the best combs you'll ever use. Our combs were created in the first place to provide an upgrade to those that had hair on the thicker side. But another benefit is our combs will prolong the balding process by keeping your hair and scalp as healthy as possible. 



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