Steeltooth is currently accepting new affiliates into our program!

If you have a blog, website, are an influencer, or just want to make some extra money by sharing the website with your friends, we want you to become an affiliate with us. We have a generous 30% payout commission which is leading number in the industry. Most affiliate programs will yield a 5-10% payout. 

The process is very easy. Just go to and apply!

You will have a personal link provided to you, when your friends or followers click on the link you will be attributed the purchase. We track the purchases and pay out our affilates twice a month.

After signing up, please send an email to so we can get you setup for payouts and provide the payment schedule. 

This is a great way for passive income. You just get the word out, and we handle all the manufacturing, processing, and shipping of the products while you lie on a beach or go on vacation, we do all the work!

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