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Our Values

One of the driving factors of Steeltooth is to methodically eliminate the usage of plastic combs. Our stainless steel combs have a very small carbon footprint and can easily be recycled. Even if the comb is not recycled and somehow ends up in the ocean, the salt water would eventually break down the steel similar to how shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean slowly deteriorate. Our mailers are made of a special material from corn that is both durable and compostable. We donate to the Ocean Cleanup, and our boxes can also be recycled.

We care about your hair. Any pomade we sell on the store will be tested and vetted for the highest quality and approval from not just us, but the pomade community as a whole. We look for natural ingredients that have a high performance value. Our combs are designed to glide through hair to avoid any tugging or getting stuck. The steel teeth also promote blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which assists with hair growth.

It shouldn't take more than 3 minutes to do your hair. The struggle we had with plastic combs and even brushes is the lack of precision. The conventional design of a plastic comb has small teeth which get stuck in your hair. Its also ergonomically deficient as styling in hard to reach areas can lead to the back of your hand touching another part of your hair that was already done. Our combs have larger and wider teeth and come with an ergonomic handle.

Our Story

Steeltooth started just outside of Chicago, Illinois in a small town called Oak Park. We have since moved our operations to the west coast in Chino, California. This decision was made based on being able to function in any capacity at 100% despite weather conditions and temperatures. Chicago is a great city, but its very difficult to create content and experiment with the steel in frigid conditions.

  In 2016 our founder, Nick Baker, simply lost his comb and thought he'd get himself something "premium" and made his way to the local Target. Going to the aisle with all the deodorant and shampoos he thought for sure there would be some elevated comb there, but there wasn't. it was baffling, at that point he had to figure out where the combs would be. They ended up being in the hair and makeup area next to a set of scrunchies. It was a strange experience and he realized there was a definite hole in the market. 



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