Steeltooth Versatility Pack


Steeltooth Versatility Pack

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Combining the Steeltooth Comb and the Steeltooth New Standard comb is a safe bet that will allow you to have tools for a variety of hairstyles and lengths. You'll find using these combs in unison will leave you confident that no matter how your hair is when you wake up, you'll have the tools ready for the job. Purchasing these together results in a discount compared to purchasing them individually.

The Steeltooth Comb offers you leverage and finer teeth to offer you the most control of any comb out there. Stubborn pieces of hair will be tamed and you'll get very clean and dapper lines. The New Standard or Retro Apex comb has wider teeth. It works well to add texture, volume, detangling with the wider tooth side. The finer tooth side is good for combing and general styling as well. You'll deal with similar issues with the standard design though, of your hand touching your hair while combing over thick or longer hair causing you to re-touch your hair.  


This video shows the hemp cordage handle with the New Standard. The versatility pack includes the comb without the hemp cordage. 

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