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This style guide will help you on your next purchase for hair styling products. There are many premium products out there that have specific purposes. Depending on hair length and the desired texture, there is a product created to achieve your goal. When making the jump from the standard hair gels or hairsprays, there are a variety of products to choose from. Most men will have to go through a trial and error process to get a sense of what type of product they will enjoy. After that is done, they will have to select a brand that they enjoy. Hopefully this guide can help speed up the process and get you closer to getting your hair looking it's best. 


 Product Finish
Hair Gel Hard/Brittle, shiny, can create debris if interrupted and breaks down easily. Has a strong hold and is run through damp hair. Versatile for all hair lengths.
Mousse/Forming Cream Hard/Brittle with a light finish. Can have shiny or matte texture depending on the product. Can create debris if interrupted. Run through damp hair on application  
Fiber Firm, flexible, matte. Generally does not create debris when interrupted depending on quality of product. Can take abuse and hold shape
Paste/Putty Firm and Flexible while applying product. Can be matte or shiny depending on product. Will be stiff in the hair and must be worked in.
Wax Stiff in the hand and must be worked in the hands to evenly distribute in hair. Will have a matte finish. Can feel gunky but will have a great hold that does not have debris, can take abuse, and can be reshaped. 
Pomade Thick material that can be water based or oil based. Must be worked in hands before applying to hair. Finish can be shiny or matte depending on product type. Will find in most barber shops as it is the most balanced hair product providing good flexibility and stiffness, and can take abuse. Easy to apply in most cases. 

which hair products to use, like clay, hair gel, pomade, fiber, hair spray

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