Sep 22, 2019

Men's Hair Products for Fall 2019

A list of pomades that are designed for the fall. They contain scents that resemble burning leaves, late harvest fruits, bonfires, smores, and many others. These are usually limited editions and are must haves in your pomade collection.

Sep 12, 2019

Pomade Profile - Shear Revival Northern Lights

Shear Revival Northern Lights is a water based Matte Paste. It's comprised of ingredients that would usually stand on their own hence has no classification, other than it being a "paste". With the main ingredient being Aloe Vera Water, the next three can stand on their own as the base of other products. The three ingredients are: Kaolin Clay, Beeswax, and Castor Seed oil. The unique blend of these products creates a product that leaves you with a matte finish (kaolin clay) a firm hold (Beeswax) and a natural shine (Castor Seed oil).
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