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Pomade Profile - Shear Revival Northern Lights

Shear Revival Northern Lights is a water based Matte Paste. It's comprised of ingredients that would usually stand on their own hence has no classification, other than it being a "paste". With the main ingredient being Aloe Vera Water, the next three can stand on their own as the base of other products. The three ingredients are: Kaolin Clay, Beeswax, and Castor Seed oil. The unique blend of these products creates a product that leaves you with a matte finish (kaolin clay) a firm hold (Beeswax) and a natural shine (Castor Seed oil). The way these ingredients are ratio'd out allows you to apply a normally dry product into your hair with a more slick application. However as you work it in your hair, the clay and waxes begin to work together and your hair will begin to set as the wax does the binding and the clay absorbs any moisture. Your left with a matte hairstyle that is pliable and has a natural sheen due to the castor seed oil. This makes the pomade one of the most versatile products on the market because it works well with both thick and fine hair.

 Breakdown of Shear Revival's Northern Lights.

The scent is a citrus and sage blend but is naturally integrated into the scent of the clay, beeswax, and other oils that give it a very natural scent. It's not overpowering and not something you'll catch whiffs of during the day. It smells very light and healthy and makes you feel like the product you're applying to your hands, hair, and scalp is made of naturally derived ingredients. Northern Lights is comprised of 98% plant derived ingredients and that definitely comes through on the scent. The website recommends you apply the product into dry hair, but that's not something I'd personally recommend if you have naturally dry hair. The clay content in the product exacerbates the dryness and will make your hair difficult to work with. If your hair is on the dryer side, towel dry your hair so the clay can absorb the moisture while you work it in. If you want to apply to dry hair, make sure the hair is conditioned and you use a pre-styler on clean blow dried hair. The washout on this product is fantastic. When shampoo is applied it will come out in one wash. If you just use water in your hair, you'll reactivate the wax and it doesn't wash out very well. This is good if you're caught in the rain, but not great if you're on a "every other day" shampoo plan. Keeping the product in your hair will cause it to be weighed down on the next day and make it difficult to get volume if you don't wash it all out. 

 The Styling finish of Shear Revival's northern lights matte paste.

When you look around the internet and research this product, you'll get a wave of amazing reviews and videos. It's because this is one of the best hair products you'll ever find. Is it perfect, no, but pretty darn close. The perfect product doesn't exist yet, because it has to be totally natural and wash out like a chemical based gel pomade that basically dissolves into nothing. If you are looking for a product that goes in easy and can give your hair that structured messy look, clean dry look, or textured combover look, this is definitely the product that should be used.


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