Men's Hair Products for Fall 2019

When it comes to fall we think of falling leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cooler weather, darker days, bonfires, hoodies, and many other things. When it comes to hair you might not need products that have the superior hold to shield from sweat, but you may need products that perform well when it rains depending on where you live. If performance isn't the most important, you might want something that has a unique scent that is catered to the fall. The following products have unique scents designed for fall and are high performing products for the season. The order in which they are listed does not reflect the quality as everyone has different hair types and preferences. You should look into them on your own and see what would work best for you. 

 Lockhart's white logo.

1. Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone line. You can get this product in the oil based, water based, matte clay variation. The Matte Clay version is the same matte clay they use for the professional line, but with the FnB scent. Water based is similar to paradox, but they've reduced the amount of water in the formula hence increasing hold and waxiness. The oil based version resembles that of Goon Grease. The difference is the water based and oil based products will be dyed red and have the unique packaging. The best part of this product is the scent. Directly from their website " Think of a burning fire pit with sweet top notes of charcoal and flames. It's unique, subtle, fresh, and masculine". This product is a staple and fan favorite among pomade enthusiasts. It's seasonal and can usually only be bought during the fall directly from their website. However you can usually get it year round from third party sites, but they won't be fresh batches. 


Lockhart's fire and brimstone matte clay.               Lockhart's water based fire and brimstone pomade.


Nostalgic Grooming logo

2. Nostalgic Grooming Apples and Oak. Many have claimed Nostalgic's Water based is the "best they've ever used" and it's the favorite water based product of many pomade enthusiasts. Nostalgic is known for having great application, hold and finish to their pomades but everyone always raves about the scents on all their products. Apples and Oak is the perfect scent for fall but is great all year round.

 Nostalgic grooming fall water based label.

 This water based product features a profound mix of ingredients including White Kaolin Clay, Mango Butter, and Beeswax. The mixes of ingredients will nourish the hair while giving a natural/low shine type of finish depending on how much moisture is in your hair at the time of application. Be on the lookout for many other seasonal products that Nostalgic is always on top of for Christmas, Spring, Halloween, and many others. 

Nostalgic Grooming Fall water based pomade.


3. Flagship Dead Sea Clay. This clay features both Kaolin and Sea Clay with added sea salt. That gives this product a gritty consistency that breaks down into a creamy clay once you work it in your hands. The packaging reminds me of walking on the beach on a cool fall day. Application to hair is smooth and leaves a matte to natural finish depending on how much water you have in your hair at the time of styling. The product is on the heavier side as it has both a high presence of clay and waxes providing lots of durability but might not be the best product for creating volume. However if you have a lower hairstyle this product will stand up to the windy/cool/rainy season that fall brings.

Flagship dead sea clay top showing the inside contents.  Front of the flagship pomade jar.


Faith and Integrity Harvest moon logo.

4. Faith and Integrity Harvest Moon. This is a water based matte paste created with a blend of clays, waxes, oils, and mango butter. You get a product that's easy to scoop and apply. It has a firm hold and more of a natural finish rather than a true matte finish. The blends of oils and waxes make this a resilient product built for the autumn. The scent is called "Autumn Air" and has notes of Cedarwood, Ginger, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Orange. This is a brand new product by Faith and Integrity and it sold out within hours of it's initial release. It has gotten fantastic reviews. 

Faith and integrity Harvest moon inside the jar.  Faith and integrity harvest moon showing the lid labeling.


Suavecito Logo

5. Suavecito Fall. If you haven't heard of Suavecito before, you're probably still using American Crew. Suavecito is one of the, if not the, most popular pomade brands in North America. Their original gel based formula is used widely and is one of the easiest and highest quality mass produced products you'll ever find. Suavecito is a staple and a reliable product that has good hold, easy application, and an insanely great washout. It's not great if you're caught in the rain, but great if you're having a hard time getting out of bed on a cloudy fall morning. Their fall edition comes with the same original formula but with a scent with top notes of sage and lemon give way to spicy clove and sweet jasmine. A base of musk and vanilla add balance to this clean fragrance.

Suavecito Fall edition pomade with candles and a day of the dead theme.  


Big Slick's Devil's Punch logo.

6. Big Slick's Devil's Punch is an oil based pomade with petrolatum (which many traditional oil based pomades have). This product functions as many quality oil based products do. You'll have the same attributes of an easy application, restylability, and a difficult wash out. The harder the wash out the more resilient to water the product is, hence making it great for the fall and autumn where you'll have many cold and rainy days. The scent consists of Blood Orange, Goji Berry & Chili Pepper giving it a citrus/spicy scent, just as a Devil's Punch would have. If you're used to more matte products, the medium shine on this product might be misleading, but for an oil based product the medium shine label is accurate. 

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