Haircuts to try in 2019

As we climb out of a brutal winter in early 2019 you might be asking yourself how to shake things up with your hair. It can be easy to settle into a pattern and get the same haircut over and over again because it feels comfortable and is part of your identity. If you are feeling adventurous we wanted to provide some ideas on new trendy haircuts that are starting to appear. A disclaimer, you won't be able to get these haircuts by a 10 dollar barber or at Supercuts. 


Geometric graphics in a haircut by @Johnthebarbernj

Instagram @jonthebarbernj

Barbershop: Kings of the Craft, New Jersey

This geographic pattern with the contrast of long hair is very edgy but also a work of art. You can't just go to any barber to get something like this done, you'll need to find one that is good at doing graphics. It's recommended you check Instagram for barbers in your area for someone that has a track record of being able to do graphics of this quality. Because if they are not done well, it will look really cheesy. 

 Textured Long Top, Mid to Low Fade

Textured top with mid fade on sides, European haircut.

Instagram: @joemcbarber

Barbershop: The Artful Barbers, London

This haircut is quite popular in Europe where you have a long textured hair on top that falls forward. The sides are matched by a medium to low fade depending on preferences. This is a contrast to the typical American styles where hair is combed to the side or backwards. This haircut allows your hair to fall forward more naturally and the textured cut allows for versatile styling options. This style is imprecise and welcomes randomness to your hairstyle each day. 

Modern Mullet

Modern mullet haircut for men by zackthebarber

Instagram: @zackthebarber

Barbershop: Plaza Barbershop, Worcester Massachusetts

If you want to stand out of the crowd with a modern throwback to the 80's but still shock people with the classiness of this haircut then look no further than the modern mullet. Precise shear work and clipper work is crucial for this to come out well but it will suit many hair types. Still a rare haircut but it's definitely gaining steam in early 2019. 

Heavy Scissors Pompadour

All scissors pompadour by Nick Kinsley.

Instagram: @nick_kinsley

Barbershop: Traveling barber, but based in Chicago

If you want to really challenge your barber to a classic haircut have him/her use shears from top to bottom. Clippers only used for the edging on the neck and border areas. You'll get a symmetrical cut that has texture all the way around that is simply a work of art. Make sure when getting this haircut your research the barber or cosmetologist because shear work requires a different skill set than blending with an electric clipper. It requires a different eye, vision, and dexterity that your $10 dollar barber simply will not have. You'll have to shell out some cash and make an appointment for this one! 

Low Bald Fade Quiff 

A low bald fade quiff by BarberJustin

Instagram: @barberjustin

Barbershop: Truman Barber Co, Boulder, Colorado

When it comes to the sweeping quiff it's best when you have nice thick wavy hair. It's like having a canvas of hair and a good barber will sculpt it into something special. What we have here is a low bald fade that starts just below the temple, has a shade of clipper work, and then heavy shear work above that. It gives a great mixture of styles and that drop shadow effect on the side of the hair while giving amazing texture to the hair on the top. 

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