Templeton Tonic's Oasis Clay

When it comes to clay based products there is one that stands out above all the rest, and that's Templeton Tonic's Oasis. This magical hair product offers conditioning properties, restylability, firm hold, scent, matte finish, scoop, and application.

Oasis Clay packaging.


The packaging of this product is beautiful. The top sticker is a holographic image of what appears to be a desert with a beam of light going straight up into space right into another planet or moon. To be honest I'm not quite sure what it is, it's up to your interpretation which makes this an artistic label. The side labels are just as good, offering vital information about the product while keeping an artistic feel. Speaking of ingredients, this product features many that you'd find in clays. Some of the unique ones that might set this apart are the sea clay, broccoli seed oil, and hempseed oil. I think there is a secret behind the broccoli seed and hempseed oils because they are used in the tonic as well.

Oasis clay side label.

When scooping the product you'll notice a slight crust on the top that's very easy to break through. Beneath that is a very creamy and wet clay product that spreads and applies very easily. The breakdown has some grit to it and the clay definitely makes its presence known. The breakdown is creamy, but by the time you get it totally emulsified your hands will be too sticky. I've found that leaving a little bit more emulsification to go allows the product to adhere to my hair while making application easy. At this point you'll also catch the scent, which is fresh blend of essential oils that smell like a spring forest. Very light and fresh.

Breakdown of templeton tonics oasis clay.

When styling the product it will begin somewhat slick but quickly the hold begins to set in. You can style your hair with a comb to give it structure and shape or you can finger comb for the matte messy look. This product is very versatile and will allow for matte combovers or textured quiffs. This product performs best in short to medium hair lengths, but that is a common characteristic of most clays as they are designed to create texture and roughness. The finish is a true matte assuming you didn't use too much water when styling your hair. Damp hair will result in a matte finish, wet hair will result in a more natural shine finish.

Templeton Tonics Oasis finger combed finish.

Templeton tonics side part view.

Full youtube demonstration here.

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