Beauty Products to use during the Coronavirus

The key to staying safe during the Coronoavirus outbreak is to use products that are sourced from areas that are not affected by the virus or products that carry properties that carry some level of resistance to viruses. With many import restrictions occurring, you'll want to find products that are not dependent on the international supply chain. Small batch and artisanal products made outside of huge factories are going to be the safest bets.


Rocky Mountain Shampoo 13.99 on

Rocky Mountain takes product quality very seriously, which is why they create their shampoo in small batches to ensure their products adhere to the highest level of quality. Their frequent production runs mean you receive a shampoo that contains only the freshest ingredients.



Rocky Mountain Conditioner 13.99 on Amazon

Also brewed in small batches just like the Shampoo. A great hair conditioner will soften your hair and further hydrate and protect it after shampooing. Repair your hair and scalp with our essential oil infused men's daily use conditioner. Our conditioner is made using only the best ingredients like real eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint essential oil and contains no artificial fragrance. Paraben, SLS & DEA-free. 


Steeltooth Stainless steel comb, no cordage. Compared to plastic which the virus can live on up to 5 days, the virus can live on stainless steel up to 3 days. The flat surface of the comb is very easy to clean and less porous than plastic which makes it a more sanitary option. Versatility pack is here:


At this point anything from Europe or Asia is off limits. You'll want to stick with these American based products.

Oil Based Pomade

Lockhart's Goon Grease $14.50 on Amazon

3decker Bless Up $16.95 on Amazon

Ace High Black Cat $16.80 on Amazon

O'douds Heavy Pomade $21.99 on Amazon

Detroit Grooming $21.95 on Amazon

Water Based Pomade

Ace High Original UWB $19.80 on Amazon

Shear Revival Crystal Lake $19.95 on Amazon

Flagship Blackship $17.95 on Amazon

Nostalgic Grooming Super Water Based $20.70 on Amazon



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