Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone Matte Clay

Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone Matte Clay

Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone matte clay and their oil based pomade are fan favorites among pomade enthusiasts. It's a seasonal product that comes out every fall in October and usually lasts through November. It has a scent that is smoky and slightly sweet. Their oil based version is essentially Goon Grease with red coloring and a different scent. In this review we will be focusing on their matte clay version since we haven't covered that product yet.

Lockhart's fire and brimstone matte clay

Before you even open the canister you'll notice the innovative packaging of the product. The top of the can is tin while the can itself is plastic, but the lid has a nice border to it which blends well with the holographic smoky pattern on the sticker. The way the red "Fire and Brimstone" label reflects light is amazing. Its a great product to have on your dresser in your bedroom or hanging out on the sink in your bathroom. The packaging itself will add to a room and works especially great during Halloween season. Another great thing about the packaging is the stats laid out on the side that provide you information on the hold, volume, texture, and shine. The best part of these stats is they are true.

Scooping fire and brimstone matte clay pomade.  

The consistency of Fire and Brimstone matte clay.

The first thing you'll notice when you interact with the product during the scoop is the difficulty of it. This is a waxy oil based clay with hard settling materials. The scoop is a tough one especially through the top layer. Don't be off put by this however as the finish will be worth it in the end. Breaking down the product is far easier than the scoop which is definitely something unexpected. It seems to apply much easier than you'd expect as well with virtually no tug and pull. It's then very easy to control and get volume out of. If your hair is thick I'd recommend having your hair more than damp as this is a dry product and it can dry your hair out. Since this is an oil based clay, you can build it up over the course of a couple of days. I've tried this but wasn't a huge fan of it. I prefer to wash it out, this product tends to dry my hair out after the first day and it generally feels unhealthy.

Consistency of Fire and Brimstone matte clay.

Side profile of lockhart's fire and brimstone matte clay.

When it comes to clays on the market Lockhart's is definitely better than anything you'll find at a drug store. Among the home brewers though it doesn't stand out on performance though. It will serve you well, it smells great, and the packaging is top notch. I can't say I'd recommend this product over Templeton Tonic's Oasis or Arcadian's clay. I'd recommend it for Halloween to have a cool product that gets the job done and keeps you Halloween spirits though.



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