shear revival and a steeltooth comb

Pomade Profile: Shear Revival Crystal Lake

Shear Revival Crystal Lake is a waxy water based pomade that has a medium hold and comes in a 4oz glass jar. Instead of tap water or distilled water, Crystal Lake uses Aloe Vera water as the main ingredient to really add nourishment in the hair with the base of the product. It's then followed up by beeswax to give it a nice hold and adding even more nourishment. The next ingredient is castor seed oil which moisturizes the hair and scalp. Typically a product will have beeswax or castor oil as one of the main ingredients to create the main characteristic of the product, but the formula of this product contains all three in portions that provide its unique properties. The scent of this product uses essential oils which gives it a light, floral and buttery scent. Given the performance and high quality ingredients this is a top tier water based product. 


Scooping the product provides enough resistance to let you know you're working with a waxy product, but it's going to apply in your hair smoothly. It's not too firm, not too easy, just perfect scoopability. Breaking down the product takes about two seconds of rubbing in your hands and it will completely be broken down into something that will apply very easy to your hair. Once applied in towel dried hair, you'll feel a slickness at first as you're distributing it through your hair. At this point, volume won't be forming as you're combing your hair. However after about 10 seconds the product will settle in and there will be more tug which will allow you to get the desired amount of volume while still allowing you to to work. 


Throughout the day your hair will feel nourished and have a natural shine to it. If your hair is rather unruly and thick this might not hold up. It's a medium hold and if you typically have issues with medium holds this is no exception. Excessive wind or sweat will bring back your waves or curls and you'll have to restyle, losing some of the shine. At the end of the day the product will wash out completely with shampoo. If you don't use shampoo every day and rinse only with water, this product will wash out but not completely and you can build up on the following day. I've found that on the second day this product has more hold but is a little more difficult to apply.


Overall it's a great product that checks all the boxes. In terms of quality there aren't any corners cut and the highest of ingredients are used. Scent, Scoopability, application, and finish are all up there with the top pomades on the market. Adverse weather or sweating will cause a loss of volume and style though so it's not the most resistant product.


You can get Crystal Lake here

The comb that would go best with this product is something with finer teeth to help manage the slickness of the product. The hemp cordage steeltooth comb would be best 

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