lockharts water based pomade with steeltooth comb.

Pomade Profile: Lockhart's Paradox Water Based

Lockhart's Paradox is a gel type water based pomade that has characteristics of an oil based pomade. It's a medium hold with an easy scoop, tricky application, the Aqua Di Goon scent (similar to Aqua Di Gio), and better than average washability. It comes in a plastic 3.7oz jar and will costs 16.00 which is not out of the ordinary for a product of this type or caliber. The packaging on the product is something to behold with it's metallic font and the product statistics on the side, Lockhart's continues it's dominance in the space with its packaging. I would argue it's under priced for the value in comparison to other water based products. It contains many natural ingredients that are good for hair and leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished. 

Applying the product will take some getting used to, and I would not recommend this to someone just getting into water based gel pomades. However if you're experienced with gel types and oil based types and you're looking for something in the middle I'd highly recommend this, as a matter of fact this is the perfect product for you. I always have to apply hair to towel dried or or slightly damp hair and this product is no exception. The directions on the packaging state to the same as well. Application is easy and smooth, but the volume isn't quite there and it takes some playing around with the get your hair exactly the way you want it. The product seems to fight against the dampness in your hair and doesn't set right away. As you continue to comb your hair and is the seconds go by, you'll notice the product begin to set in and styling will become manageable, and eventually you'll get it the way you want it.

Nick Baker scooping out some Lockhart's Paradox 

Throughout the day your hair will have the finish of an oil based product but much less oily and shiny. There will be a medium shine to it but when you run your hands through your hair you won't feel any residue. This is one of the characteristics that makes this product unique and stand on its own. Your hair will look refined, but it's actually still soft and restylable when needed. It's very durable as well, your hair will have tight waxiness to it for many hours, I'd say around the 8 hour mark is were there will be some breakdown but nothing major. Washing out the product is not as easy as other water based products, but much better than oil based products. There will be some waxy residue left in your hair. This will allow you to build up the product the following day which is a unique thing to do in a water based product as well. Washing with shampoo and conditioner will get most of it out on the first attempt.

Here is what the finished product looked like right after styling:

Nick Baker's Initial Styling of Lockhart's Paradox

Here's What it looked like waiting about 15 minutes and using the comb again after it settled in:

Nick Baker showing off the left side of his head after Lockhart's paradox pomade has settled in.

Nick Baker showing the right side of his head with more volume after Lockhart's paradox pomade settled in.

At the end of the day Paradox is a fantastic product but it's targeted at individuals that don't want to deal with the hassle of the washability of an oil based pomade and the far too common issue of synthetic chemicals in a water based product. What you're losing out on however, is the washability of a water based product and the ease of use in an oil based product. It pairs best with the Versatility Pack as you'll need both combs to add texture and refinement.


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