Pomade Profile: Reuzel White

Pomade Profile: Reuzel White

Reuzel White is a creamy clay based pomade with an easy scoop, smooth application, light peppermint scent, and a medium hold. It comes in a 4oz Tin jar which is always better than plastic and has a very clean packaging design. It has a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients which make it a high grade product but not top tier. It's an extremely versatile product that's easy to use and offers a myriad of options to style with.

Reuzel white tin packaging on the steeltooth comb blog outside of oak park, Illinois on a sunny day.  

The set time of the product is delayed enough for you to style your hair they way you want to without a lot of resistance. After about 5 minutes the product will set and you'll have the matte finish but some deflation of volume. After another 10 minutes your hair will have more dryness to it, and you can add volume with your fingers. Applying the product in very wet hair will negate the effect of the matte finish however, and you'll have the wet, gel type look with a decent hold. Applying to a towel dried hair will give you the desired matte finish. Washability of the product is incredible, and washing out with water gets most of the product out leaving a small residue of the beeswax. This is a great foundation for the next day if you want to use another product. 

The open lid of Reuzel White clay based matte finish pomade taken in Oak Park, IL by Nick Baker of Steeltooth Combs.  

The benefit of using this clay product is it will add thickness and texture to your hair. Now that's not to say if you're balding or have extremely thin hair, this product will make your hair more full, it just doesn't work that way. If you have average thickness your hair will appear more full, and if you have thick hair it will appear extra thick. The matte effect brings out the texture in your hair, but you need to have some texture in your hair to start with. That doesn't mean natural texture, but when you get your haircut, ask for some texture on the top to give you that. Wavy hair is accentuated, and really shines with this product as it leaves a matte, wavy effect.

If you're looking to try a clay based product, this is one I'd definitely recommend. The easy to scoop, easy to apply, medium hold, matte finish, and quality of ingredients give you a fairly priced high performing product. It's what I use when I'm in a rush for work in the morning and I want something I can apply quickly and easily that's going to look great. I'm not degrading the product by saying I use it when I'm in a rush, I just have top tier products I use that are a little more difficult to apply and wash off that I'd prefer to use when I have time in the morning.

For textured looks and larger comb lines the best comb for this product is our New Standard model. 

Find the link to Reuzel White Here

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