lockharts light hold pomade in a bathroom on the Steeltooth comb blog.

Pomade Profile: Lockhart's Light Hold

Lockhart's light hold pomade in closed tin.

The Lockhart's light hold offers a slick finish, easy application, smooth scoop, but the scent is specialized. It has notes of cinnamon and clove so it smells like Christmas. The product is versatile in that you can have a very slick and refined look, or you can use it to offer a more messy and textured look but your hair will still appear wet due to the greasiness of the petrolatum and oils in the product. Because it's a light hold product, it doesn't have as much wax as say a medium or firm hold would have. 

 Lockhart's light hold consistency is smooth and creamy.

The wash-ability of the product is incredible. For an oil based product there will be very little if any build up when you use shampoo during a wash. If you stick to just water, the build up will leave your hair smooth, soft, and untangled. The next morning you can re-apply the same product with ease. You can also apply a matte based clay or paste and the product will off set the quick dry of these products and give you a more moisturized finish. If you matte product dries your hair out, using this before hand will negate that effect. Over the course of a day you will need to restyle, it's not recommended for an event like a wedding or job interview where you'll rely on the product to retain the hairstyle for hours at a time. This product should be used for more casual events where a slight messiness is accepted and even invited.

The comb that works best with this product is our original model comb. Get it with the cordage or no cordage.  

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