Steeltooth Comb - A comb for thick hair, beards, and pomade.


Steeltooth Comb

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  • Great for adding volume to long hair
  • Allows for slick hairstyles
  • Fine tooth is great for beards
  • Reliable and Sturdy
  • Handle provides precision and leverage
  • Parts hair very well
  • Detangles stubborn curly hair of any hair length
  • Dimensions: 8in x 1.5in x 1.5mm


The Steeltooth comb is the natural evolution from the plastic comb. It combines the leverage you get from a brush, and the precision you get from a comb making it a great tool for versatile hairstyles. Male hair products have improved over time with a variety pomades, fiber, gels, and forming creams. When these products are applied hair becomes thicker and tougher to work with. The Steeltooth comb is strong enough to work with these products in a fluid way that allows for quick and efficient hair styling. Say goodbye to your weak plastic comb. This comb is also great for working on thick or curly hair on women.

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