Top 10 Pokemon with the Best Hair

Top 10 Pokemon with the Best Hair

With the new release of Pokemon Arceus, we thought it would be a good idea to make a list of Pokemon that had the best hair. It's a list that ended creating a fine pokemon party of you wanted to journey with them. However we found that most of these types lack in Sp. Def and Def but excel in Atk, Sp. Atk, and Speed. So for the most part you'd have a glass cannon team but it could definitely get the job done. 

10. Luxray

Luxray with Goku Styled spiky hair.

Luxray is an electric type pokemon so its hard to say if it's the static charge makes its hair stand up like that, or that is the shape of its skull. Regardless it would take a lot of hair product to get hair like that. It would seem that he and Goku could share some hairstyling tips with one another to get large sections of their hair to defy gravity like that. 

9. Obstagoon

Obstagoon with a mullet mohawk type of haircut.

Obstagoon has an interesting mullet mohawk that is shorter in the front and longer in the middle, then tapers off in the back. He also has a devils peak and potentially receding hairline. So if you're aging and want to stand out with a fun hairstyle, it might be something you look into. 

8. Staraptor

Staraptor with a french crop haircut.

Before the French Crop started gaining popularity, Staraptor donned it back in 2006. It's even multi-colored so he's making trips to the salon every few months to keep that red balayage going strong which is another innovation. Its 2022 and balayages are not popular with men yet, but we will look at Staraptor as a trailblazer in years to come. 

7. Female Pyroar

Pyroar with the long hair undercut.

Pyroar grew out her hair and then decided to shave the sides. What may have started as a mullet turned into a full grown hair grow but the sides are kept bald for one of the most epic undercuts you'll ever find. 

6. Skunktank

Skunktank with an epic quiff hairstyle.

Skunktank has a quiff that starts all the way from its tail. While attacking, its hair will stay in tact for the entirety no matter what its hit with, even flamethrower. We would like to know what kind of clay or matte paste it uses for sure. 

5. Blaziken

Blaziken with hairstyle that wraps around its chest.

Blaziken took its hair and wrapped it around its chest and shoulders to make some sort of armor. The hair in the back is long but doesn't rest on its back. Its an insane hairstyle that has a streamlined shape to it so the long hair won't sacrifice any speed while offering protection. 

4. Gardevoir

Gardevoir with a Bob, pixie undercut combination haircut.

Gardevoir's hairstyle is a combination of a bob, pixie, and an undercut. Her hair hides her nose for reasons unknown but its definitely a unique and memorable hairstyle that we haven't yet adopted in the human realm, but I'm sure someone will pull it off at one of the hair conventions. 

3. Zoroark

Zoroark with one of the most epic manbuns we've ever seen.

Zoroark has one of the most epic manbuns you'll ever see. Its an illusionist Pokemon, so this may not even be its hair in its true form, but for some reason its tied off at the end, likely for battle purposes. But this is some serious length and volume in a hairstyle combined with clustered spikes like you'd see on a Dragon Ball Z character. 

2. Shiftry

Shiftry with a huge mullet that goes to the ground.

Shiftry is one of the most strange looking Pokemon creations, but it has a mullet that goes down to the ground and also functions as a mask. What's more impressive is that Shiftry appears to have gone grey so all that growth and volume is happening with dead hair follicles. 

1. Hisuian Zoroark

 Hisuian Zoroark with the most epic hairstyle in the Pokemon Universe.

It's really had to describe this hairstyle but its the most epic one in the Pokemon Universe. It only appears to cover one side of her face so we can only presume that half of her head is shaved, which means the rest of the style is being down with 2/3 of a head of hair. Part of it swoops in front covering the eyes, while the rest is swooping off to the sides and back. Large volume and thickness allows for a lot of versatility but also tons of hair product is required to keep this in tact. Prestylers and blow-dryers are definitely required. 

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