The Bryce Harper Haircut

Did you know that there are 5,000 searches per month to figure out how to get your hair to look like Bryce Harper's? How do we know this here at Steeltooth, well, we are experts in knowing what people are doing on Google. We are also experts in hair so we thought we'd create an article to help anyone out that is looking to get hair like Bryce Harper. It's no accident that Bryce Harper has sought after hair, he's obsessed with his own hair and takes great measures to ensure it's looking good in a variety of ways. An advantage Harper has is he's sponsored by Blind Barber, hence educated on how to style is hair while keeping it healthy, an advantage many of us won't have. He knows what products to use, and spares no expense in investing in good products to use on his hair. 

The 1st Step:

You need to grow your hair out. Bryce Harper styles his hair in a variety of ways and hasn't kept the same hairstyle for multiple seasons. It should grow out in a gradual pattern with the longest hair in the front and a gradual decline in length as you get to the back of your head. The length in the front has to be at least 5 inches long. To get an understanding of what that means without a ruler pull your hair down in the very front of your head and it should reach the tip of your nose.

Bryce Harper studio photo, artwork, with an undercut.  

Step 2: Understand your own hair type

Bryce Harper has thick wavy hair, along with a beard, he is a blessed individual when it comes to masculinity. If you have straight hair it will be very difficult to replicate the wavy, textured pattern he has naturally. You can get close to to what he does with the right products and technique, but you'll never look exactly like him. You'll look like YOU, and you'll have to adjust to how your hair behaves. Each of us has unique characteristics in our hair and you need to experiment with different haircuts and products to understand what you like. Don't be afraid to take risks. Ok, you just want to know how to get the hair pictured above yes? Very simple, grow your hair out to about 5 inches, and then request a disconnected undercut to your barber. Request a fade on the undercut, and I'd recommend a low bald fade so it will blend better with the long hair. He styled his hair with a matte clay or paste.



Step 3: Find a good hair professional (Barber or Stylist)

Stop going to budget haircut places like Sportclips or Supercuts. Stylists and Barbers are both great at cutting hair but they are trained differently. Stylists are masters with the scissors, while barbers are masters of the clipper. Is it possible to find someone great at both, yes, but they will have a busy schedule and charge a premium for their services. Is it worth it, yes. The best way to find these people is through Instagram. Just check for barber or stylists in your city or area and start hunting. These days hair professionals use Instagram as a portfolio for their work and you'll be able to see if they can cut your hair similar to Bryce Harper's. Most reputable barbers can, but you'll easily pay at least $30 for your haircut so be prepared for that. You're trying to look like a professional baseball player after all!

Step 4: Learn about different pomades

Every hair product has a purpose. If you think a standard gel is going to give you the Bryce Harper look you're sadly mistaken. He mixes it up to give his hair different texture and finishes because he's experimented with them and knows how to use them. Earlier I mentioned he used a matte clay to get his hair to look a certain way. It was a low volume, slicked back look but it didn't have a slick finish, it was a matte finish. These are characteristics that clays provide. However in the picture below, his hair is different. 

Bryce Harper Matte Clay 

His hair has more volume and has a shine to it. He used an oil based pomade to get this look that has both volume and shine, and my have even topped the front with a wax to give it the matte look. Another possibility is he used an oil based pomade the day before and on the following day used a matte creme to provide volume but retain the shine. Bryce Harper is known to use a hair dryer as well. So prior to applying the product he likely used a blow dryer to maximize the volume, then applied his oil based pomade to retain the volume and provide hold. This is a common technique used by hair and pomade enthusiasts to achieve maximum volume and hold. You can also notice how the hair on the top is longer than before and he grew out the sides. The hair on top is actually not much longer than before though, it's just more straight (due to hair dryer and pomade type) making it appear longer than previous. To recreate this style you can actually start with the undercut, but as your hair grows out shears and scissor work will be essential to maintaining symmetry and blending of the longer hair on the sides.

Step 5: Take Care of your Hair

If you're washing and conditioning your hair with a 3 and 1 shampoo + conditioner + body soap I'm sorry but you're not doing much good to your skin, scalp, hair, or follicles. You need to buy a shampoo and conditioner that contain natural oils and preferably keratin to restore and add strength to your hair. This will also give your hair a natural shine to it. Keratin isn't absolutely essential, just find something that uses natural ingredients. Unfortunately most department stores won't have these superior products in the masculine aisles, you'll have to venture off into the shampoo aisle that has feminine packaging everywhere. Just man up, read the ingredients, and don't be afraid of looking funny in that aisle. Your hair will thank you in the end. 

Step 6: Be Realistic

Currently Bryce Harper is on the verge of looking like a werewolf but he's got the time and resources to maintain a look that has hair of uniform length around his head that he combs back. It is tightly maintained make no mistake about it. He's not just waking up and going to baseball games. He's inspecting his hair, making sure it looks a certain way, and when it deviates from what he wants he's making a house call to get his haircut and paying a barber at least $100 for the treatment. He might be getting haircuts weekly or even every few days, as some clubs have resident barbers that take care of them after games. If you go for the look shown below make sure you're using high quality shampoo and conditioner so you don't have split ends and hair breakage. Make sure you're using high quality styling products, and combs that don't generate static or you'll not be able to pull this off. You'll end up with a frizz ball of hair that is difficult to maintain, and you'll end up cutting it off. 

Bryce Harper Flowy haircut 

Below are recommended products for the looks:

1. OGX Keratin Shampoo and conditioner (start with this and then venture off into other stuff)

2. The Steeltooth Versatility Pack to provide anti-static combs that eliminate frizz and provide volume and control

3. For the Matte Finish Undercut in Step 1 look no further than Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte Paste to give you the matte finish and accentuate texture in the hair. It also features Betonite clay to thicken up your hair. 

4. For the High Volume, Medium Shine, Slick back look shown in step 4 you'll want an oil based product or unconventional water based product that has an oil based finish. Any of these will do: 

Lockhart's Paradox, Shear Revival Easy Tiger, Chops Oil Based, Lockhart's Goon Grease

5. For the even length borderline werewolf look you'll want something high hold and lightweight with a high wax content. The two best options are: Shear Revival Crystal Lake Water Based and Shear Revival Gray Ghost Firm Cream

Happy Hair Styling, here are a series of Gifs of different Bryce Harper hair moments. 









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