Oil Based Pomade for Men’s Curly Hair Types

If there is one essential hair product that every man should use on a daily basis, it’s pomade.  The right pomade formula can keep hair in place throughout the day, create a signature style and even support the health of the strands and follicles with essential nutrients and moisture.  In short, pomade is one of the few products that can truly do it all.

Men with curly hair are largely ignored by the haircare industry, and curls are usually deemed as difficult to manage.  But that is simply not true.  Men with curly hair can benefit from pomade just as much as men with straighter, finer hair, as long as they know how to use it properly for the best results.

Can Pomade Be Useful for Men with Curly Hair?

So, what can pomade do for men with curly hair?  Well, a number of things.  First of all, men with curly hair patterns are more prone to dry hair, because the natural moisturizing oils produced by the follicles have a harder time making their way down each strand.  Pomade contains moisturizing ingredients that can not only amp up the moisture but seal it in, greatly improving the overall condition and texture of hair.

Further, pomade can prevent frizz and split ends, two issues that commonly affect thicker, coarser, and curlier hair types.  Any guy with curly hair knows that on humid days, those curls can take on an unruly appearance.  Pomade keeps things nice and smooth so that your hair stays tidy as you go about your day.

And lastly, pomade can help men with thicker, heavier hair achieve hairstyles that are difficult to achieve without the use of this type of product.  Therefore, it can transform your hairstyle.

Defining Your Hair Type

Before you start using pomade, you need to determine your hair type.  Nowadays, this is easy to do as there is a clear, numerical guide to hair types that ranges from 1a to 4c.  1a is pin straight, super fine hair, while 4c is extremely kinky and textured hair.  There are guides that you can use to determine which hair type you have as a curly guy, which will give you an enormous wealth of information in terms of how to care for and style your hair based on the type that you have.  It will tell you which styles you can pull off, and even how much product to use based on how thick your hair is.

Defining Your Personal Look

Next, you need to think about the look that you want to achieve when it comes to your hair.  Every guy has a personal style, but we all know that curly hair is a bit more difficult to style than straight hair because it’s thicker and coarser, and therefore has a harder time being sculpted, let alone staying in place.  Once you know your hair type, you can understand which types of hairstyles are achievable for you and choose one that best suits your personality so that you can use your pomade to pull it off.

Knowing How Much Product to Use

Curlier hair typically needs more product than thinner, straighter hair, because there is literally more hair that needs to absorb the product.  Sadly, a lot of pomades on the market do not take into account curly-haired needs, and so the suggested amount to use is less than what a man with a thicker, curlier hair type requires.  Knowing how much product to choose is not something that you can know right off the bat – you need to experiment.  Too little product and you won’t get the benefits of pomade at all, and too little product will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. 

Keep in mind that how much product you should use also depends on the formula itself, as some are naturally heavier or thicker than others.

Being Consistent with Your Styling Routine

Once you have decided on a style, it’s important to be consistent.  To keep that style looking its best, you need to apply pomade on a daily basis, as part of your morning routine.  Just because your pomade was still keeping your hair in place last night doesn’t mean that the results will carry over into the morning.  And, you need to make an effort to wash your hair regularly, because eventually that pomade will build up to an excessive level and make your hair dull and weighed down.

Getting Some Help from a Barber

Not every guy was born with an innate knowledge of style, or the ability to determine which hairstyle will be most flattering, and that’s okay.  Guys with curly hair can have a harder time knowing how to style their hair with pomade because so many styling guides are geared toward men with thinner and straighter hair. 

Therefore, you may find it useful to visit a barber, who can help you figure out how to create a style that is manageable and easy to maintain with the use of a daily application of hair pomade.  Barbers are trained hair experts who know what style works for you based on your hair type, facial shape, and other factors.

Using Pomade to Grow Out Your Hair

Pomade can be particularly useful when you’re growing out your hair.  Curly-haired guys may have more of an “awkward” stage during the growing process because curly hair tends to grow outward and up before it starts to grow down.  This makes it harder to simply smooth it and slick it so that it looks neat and tidy during the growing process.  But, with the right pomade, you can keep things nice and manageable as you wait to reach the desired length.

Keep Your Curly Hair Styled with the Help of Pomade

Pomade is a valuable tool for any man who cares about his hair’s appearance, and it can be just as useful for guys with coarse, curly hair as it is for guys with finer, straighter hair.  The key is knowing how to apply pomade in a way that keeps hair nice and manageable, while helping it achieve a style that is totally suitable for your personality.  Find a quality pomade product that offers moisture and nutrients to the hair while keeping things in place all day long.

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