How To: Fantasy Football Draft Sleepers 2023

One of the most important aspects of winning a fantasy football league is to draft the sleepers in the late rounds or pick them up off of waiver wires. Rarely if ever does the championship team have a player full of known names. There is always that one guy nobody saw coming. 

Predicting sleepers for an upcoming fantasy draft requires a combination of research, analysis, and a bit of intuition. While there's no foolproof method, here are some effective strategies to help you identify potential sleepers:

1. Player Performance Analysis:
- Review player statistics from the previous season, paying attention to metrics such as yards per carry (for running backs), yards per reception (for wide receivers), and completion percentage (for quarterbacks).
- Analyze advanced metrics like yards after contact, target share, red zone efficiency, and catch rate to get a better understanding of a player's effectiveness and potential for fantasy production.

2. Team Situations:
- Research team depth charts and offseason moves to identify players who could see increased opportunities due to injuries, departures, or changes in the team's offensive scheme.
- Look for players in contract years who might be motivated to perform at their best to secure a new deal.

3. Preseason and Training Camp Performance:
- Follow reports and analysis from preseason games and training camp to see which players are standing out and earning praise from coaches and analysts.
- Pay attention to changes in player roles and usage patterns during preseason games.

4. Rookie Impact:
- Research the incoming rookie class and identify players with high potential based on their college performance and skill set.
- Look for situations where rookies could step into immediate starting roles and contribute right away.

5. Coaching and Offensive Schemes:
- Study the offensive schemes and philosophies of different teams to identify players who fit well with their system.
- Consider the history of the team's offensive coordinator and head coach in terms of utilizing certain positions in fantasy-friendly ways.

6. Injury Comebacks:
- Identify players who had disappointing seasons due to injuries but have since recovered and could bounce back to their previous form.

7. Undervalued Veterans:
- Look for veterans who may have been overlooked due to poor performances in the previous season but have a history of consistent production.

8. Under-the-Radar Targets:
- Research players who might not be on the radar of most fantasy owners but have shown potential in limited opportunities.

9. Trustworthy Sources:
- Follow reputable fantasy football analysts, experts, and websites for insights, rankings, and recommendations on potential sleepers.

10. Your Instincts:
- Sometimes, your gut feeling based on your knowledge of the game and the players can lead you to successful sleeper picks.

Remember that not every sleeper prediction will pan out, so it's important to diversify your strategy and not solely rely on sleepers. A balanced roster with a mix of established players and potential sleepers is key to a successful fantasy season.

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