The Redline
The Redline
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The Redline

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Inspired by things that move fast, this holiday release is dedicated to Santa Claus who in one night can deliver presents to everyone around the world in his candy apple red suit. The redline is also the area of a speedometer that tells you the engine is revving too high and to shift gears...or you're pushing it to the max if there are no gears left.  

A special edition that is powder coated by a local company in Ontario, California about 30 miles east of Los Angeles that provides an ultra durable and smooth finish.  Powder coating is one of the most environmentally safe ways to color a steel product and any extra gets recycled and reused.  

  • Teeth are 2cm long, providing adequate space for medium and long hair
  • Medium spacing on one end, fine spacing on the other
  • Sturdy and Reliable
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Fantastic for combovers and undercuts

A comb that is great for medium or long hair. A powder coated finish and generous teeth spacing provide a smooth stroke that works great on thick hair that has become unmanageable using standard plastic combs. The weight behind this comb and each stroke feels great in the hand and also provides a nice massage to the head.

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