New Standard Paradox Pack – Steeltooth


New Standard Paradox Pack

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Paradox Unconventional Water Based Pomade (UWB) has the washability of a water based pomade, is slightly waxy, and finishes like an oil based pomade so it's not crunchy or hard. You can restyle your hair throughout the day while maintaining hold. 

Water Based: Fully water soluble for hassle free performance.
Shea Butter: Provides nutrients and shine to the hair.
Avocado Oil: High fat content for extra moisturizing ability and high shine.
Rosemary leaf extract: Stimulates hair follicles to keep blood flow strong.
Natural beeswax: Provides hold and locks in moisture.


Apply Lockhart's Water Based Paradox Pomade to slightly damp hair.  Use small amounts of product at a time until the desired hold is achieved.

The Comb has a side with wider teeth to help with detangling and then a side with finer teeth for controlling the hair and precision. The stainless steel material works very well with this pomade as it distributes the product evenly in towel dried hair. The comb is very easy to clean as well, as it's made of the same material as a fork or spoon, so any residue left by the pomade simply washes off with water. The teeth of the comb massage the scalp as they are very smooth, stimulating blood flow to the follicles and working with the rosemary leaf extract in the pomade to provide healthy hair.