Gunslinger Special Edition

Gunslinger Special Edition

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A special edition that is powder coated by a local company in Ontario, California about 30 miles east of Los Angeles that provides an ultra durable and smooth finish. On top of that we hand stamp the logo with a 3lb hammer. Powder coating is one of the most environmentally safe ways to color a steel product and any extra gets recycled and reused. 

Our inspiration for this comb color has many origins, from the soldier that wears the camouflaged pattern to the plants and fauna said camouflage is meant to blend into which represent nature thriving and a healthy planet. To some these two things contradict one another as one can represent war while another represents peace. To us they represent a balance to a chaotic world of humans and nature. There are some other inspirations as well, like Halo's Master Chief, Yoda, and a modern muscle car with those sweet black rims. 

The perfect tool for anyone that has a flowing beard or thick head of hair.

  • Easily glides through thick hair while proving grip without snagging.
  • Lasts for life.
  • Sturdy teeth will not bend or break after years of use.
  • Can function as a beard comb. 
  • Handle provides precision to part hair.
  • Handle gives leverage to comb the back of your hair without disturbing other parts of your hair. Especially useful for high volume hairstyles.
  • Detangles stubborn hair.
  • Dimensions: 8in x 1.5in x 1.5mm


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