Complete Looters Box Set – Steeltooth


Complete Looters Box Set

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This set comes with 1 years worth of pomade and a chest that will last for years. Each pomade has a different characteristic allowing for a variety of options. It also includes a hemp cordage Steeltooth Comb and a Retro Apex Steeltooth Comb. If you'd like another color, send an email to and we can arrange a different color for your order.

Shear Revival Crystal Lake is an unconventional water based product that provides a natural finish and medium hold. It has a fresh, natural, floral scent. 

Crystal Lake water based pomade next to a terrarium

Faith and Integrity Harvest Moon is a firm hold matte paste that provides a matte finish and a smoky fall scent. Great for textured hairstyles or if you want hair to appear thicker.

Harvest Moon matte paste.

3Decker Bless Up is an oil based pomade that provides a low shine, and is great for slicker styles. It's a firm hold and applying to dry hair will give it a natural shine and can even provide texture. It's scent is a vanilla amber.

Bless UP pomade outside of St. Pat's church in Chicago, Illinois.