American Flag Essential Set - Steeltooth Combs


American Flag Essential Set

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This set comes in an American Flag wrapped wooden box. You get the Steeltooth Comb, New Standard, and Tip Top Water Based Pomade. These tools are essential to achieving any hairstyle desired. The box comes with riveted faux leather on the sides to add some texture and detail to the rusted American Flag look. This is a great piece to add on a bedroom dresser or in a bathroom.

  • Steeltooth comb has finer teeth allowing you to add volume to hair making it a great tool for pompadours. It can also be used to achieve the very slick look if you're just brushing to the side
  • New Standard comb has wider teeth and is great for adding texture and dealing with longer or curly hair. Adding the volume with the Steeltooth comb then finishing it with the New Standard is great way to achieve a unique hairstyle.
  • Tip Top Water based pomade will add a little bit of shine and will harden in the hair. It's easily washed out and provides the perfect amount of grip to allow for malleability while styling and will hold throughout the day.