Top NBA Beards of 2020-2021

In today's NBA there has been a growing trend of some of the top players growing out some awesome beards. You could argue the beard trend began with James Harden when he grew out his famous beard years ago and has kept it around. Even though most players in the NBA are either clean shaven or have some facial hair, compared to 10 years ago we are seeing beards become longer, thicker, and fuller with a select few players. 


10. Fred VanVleet

VanVleet is known as a sharpshooting bench player, but in the 2019 playoffs with the Raptors he brought his game to a different level. He was a pivotal player and a definite X-factor throughout the NBA Easter Conference playoffs and the finals against the Golden State Warriors hitting clutch shots and playing solid defense against Stephen Curry.

 Fred VanVleet and Drake 2019 NBA finals.


 9. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has been a top 5 player in the NBA for many years now. He started his career in New Orleans with the Pelicans but after many years is now chasing a championship with Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. He's had a beard for the majority of his career, without one he looks strange because he has a unibrow that he, has on purpose. While in New Orleans he tried a couple looks with his beard, but now in Los Angeles he has a natural grown beard that he'll get lined up.

Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers Bearded.

8. Lebron James

You have to respect someone that can pull off the chinstrap beard. It's a bold statement and in order to pull it off without ridicule, you'd need to do something like win a championship for a city that hasn't won anything in 60 years while coming back from a 3-1 deficit against one of the best teams in NBA history. Even as Lebron has aged and lost some of his athleticism, he's considered one of the best players in the league still.

Lebron James with a chinstrap beard.

7. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has had facial hair for most of his NBA career. Early on in the Cavalier days he sported a goatee which eventually evolved into a beard. Once Lebron joined the Cavs it grew into a full beard that he brought to Boston and now Brooklyn. Now in Brooklyn, he's taken his beard and grown it to be more full and more natural. He's been hurt most of the season, but may be able to return in the Covid NBA tournament.

Kyrie Irving brooklyn nets

6. Deandre Jordan

Deandre Jordan is basically a 7 foot monster. He has extraordinary size, strength, agility, and leaping ability. His entire career is highlighted by monster dunks and embarrassing shot blocks. From the time he entered the NBA he had a goatee which eventually grew into a full on beard. Now later in his career on the Brooklyn Nets, he has a very full and well groomed beard.

 Deandre Jordan on the Brooklyn Nets.

5. Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler was a promising big man on the baby Bulls of the early 2000's drafted high in the first round right out of high school. He was paired with Eddy Curry and was supposed to be a front court that dominated for years, but it didn't work out that way. A few years later his tenure ended with the Bulls and he's played on several teams in the NBA. As a veteran he's usually sought after by already successful teams looking for size and shot blocking ability down low.

 Tyson Chandler Los Angeles Lakers

4. Jonas Valunciunas

Valunciunas is known as an offensively gifted big man that can extend out to mid range while providing a presence down low. He's an average defender but also a good rebounder making him useful for many teams in the NBA. He has a very full and groomed beard. He's had facial hair the majority of his career.

Jonas Memphis Grizzlies with beard.

3. Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown has been in the NBA for a couple years and seems to be getting better and better each year. For a player so young, his beard makes him look old and wise. He's a superbly athletic talent that is good defensively and getting to the rim. Perimeter shooting is inconsistent at this point and is a developing aspect to his game. Beard game is full, thick, and groomed.

Jaylen Brown Beard.

2. Kyle O'Quinn

O'Quinn has been in the NBA for 7-8 years and is a big man with good size. He typically shoots over 50% but isn't known to be offensively consistent but is still versatile offensively setting screens, shooting threes, and a bully on the block. His beard combined with the size of his head creates an epic combination.

Kyle OQuinn a stylized image of his beard.

1. James Harden (The Beard)

You could argue he's the one that set the trend in the NBA to grow out beards. They literally call him "The Beard" as his nickname. When he was signed in Houston, he began growing it out as he took the lead role on that team. He's been in the MVP conversation every year, and is probably the best offensive player in the NBA. Despite averaging two steals per game, he's not known as a great defensive player.

James Harden Bearded Houston rockets.

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